Bulimba House

  • Bulimba House/Residential Architects
    Bulimba House Brisbane

This Bulimba House design incorporates sweeping curves and strong sculptural forms over a steeply sloping dramatic site with panoramic views of the city to the south-west. Spread over four floors, a home office, multiple living areas plus a lift have been incorporated. A full wall of motorized louvres to the north-east acts as the lungs of the house scooping desirable breezes inside where the curved roof and four storey space behind convey both air and light over all levels. A north facing glass wall with custom designed applied graphics and internal stone finishes which define ground all contribute to make this a very dynamic house which comes alive and changes over the course of the day. Deep recessed to the south-west help to control the harsh afternoon sun while framing the expansive city view. A 35,000 litre water tank is incorporated underneath the pool structure.

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